Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cooking from scratch

So today I don't have a recipe, but wanted to talk about simple ways to make cooking from scratch realistic. I didn't grow up in household that cooked a lot or spent time on food. There was no canning in our house, but we grew food. And every year I saw lots of food go to waste because none of it was preserved or used in a creative way. This is probably one of the many reasons I am interested in food in the way that I am...

Anyways, cooking from scratch. Some people seem to do it. For others it seems like an impossible mission. I started slowly, cooking some things, and I am still learning more and more things to cook. It takes time, I wont lie. If you don't do it already starting will not be easy, but it's worth it. And the biggest thing to getting started is habit. I remember feeling frustrated at first trying to cook a meal for dinner every day instead of just quickly throwing something together. Now I feel strange if I am not cooking dinner. The key? Habit. I've become use to spending lots of time cooking making it easy and part of my daily routine. It is hard to change and add routines, but I really think this one is worth making the change for. Yes it is time consuming to make food but it's time well spent. Sometimes I think of other things I could do instead, and not a lot comes to mind anymore. It's just what I do. Though things do come up, especially in the summer with day trips and things that make spending time cooking not as conceivable, but I work around it. I plan (or try to.) It's time I do not spend watching TV or playing on the Internet. Sometimes I think about other species as well, and how for quite a few animals their entire day is spent finding food/eating food. While we have the luxury to only spend part of our days doing this. I know some people would love to go the Jetson's route and have all of our food be pre-made and ready to eat at the push of a button, I think it's very healthy to put your own hard earned time and energy into something you are going to eat. It brings value to the food that is priceless.

Another way to get cooking off the ground is use one food for several meals. Example: I sprouted a large batch of navy beans, about two cups dried. I then used them to make:

Peanut butter bean fudge (from eat nourishing)
Rice noodle pasta with a purred white bean/squash "cheese"
Navy beans in BBQ sauce

I made these over three days.

Now that I am eating meat as well doing this with a chicken is also helpful. I cook one whole chicken, which takes all day to cook so I can get good quality broth. And I freeze some of the yummy broth for an "instant" broth later and get about four meals out of the chicken, sometimes a bit more. The first day has more work put into it cooking the chicken and shredding it, but for the other days I already have pre cooked shredded chicken to start with.

Do you have any real food tips?

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