Thursday, October 27, 2011

baby/ toddler smoothie snack

Here is a very simple recipe for some baby food. However, it also works great for toddlers or even adults! I noticed Leo has been backing off of fruits and vegetables quite a bit lately, so I though I would try to make him some "baby food" and see if that would help get some more vegis in him. It worked great. Toddlers still have very simple taste buds and often don't want the complex tastes that adults tend to crave. I often forget that. These pictures are from the beginning of September where he is 28 months. I stopped giving him anything similar to baby food awhile back other than green smoothies. However I have been trying to add some purred foods back into his diet as he likes them and they are easy to digest.

Babies need simple foods. This recipe is great for a baby starting around 8 or 9 months. Giving your baby lots of fruits and vegetables at an early age and keeping the dairy and gluten at bay until they are older is great for their digestive health. Did you know babies do not have the digestive enzymes to break down gluten? Those don't develop until their molars come in, usually around age two. Leo's molars came in at 18 months so I introduced gluten around that time. As a baby he was gluten free. Keeping your baby gluten free also keeps them from eating as many processed foods. It made not giving him cereals and crackers a much easier choice. I did feed him grains though, we made our own rice cereal and ate oatmeal. I also gave him rice puffs from time to time. He also had a period of time where he wouldn't eat any baby food, which was annoying since I worked and he was breastfed. And he wouldn't take a bottle. He ate lots of Nori and rice puffs for this stage. I also started giving him goat keifer around 10 or 11 months. Closer to age one he started eating lots of food. He also went for more solid things, baby pancakes, lentil soup, etc., instead of purred foods. I still made him typical baby food he just ate it less often than I thought he would. Every  baby is different. I've met some babies that eat tons of purred food! When Leo did eat it he never ate very much of it. Anyways, here is some Leo pictures and the recipe:

Baby/ Toddler smoothie snack

One Pear
3-4 apricots
3 or 4 Kale leaves

Put all ingredients in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth! Serve right away and freeze unused portions in ice cube trays or other dishes. I put some in some empty baby food jars and froze. Note this recipe makes quite a bit for one little person!

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