Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring food


Time to brush off the heaviness of winter and move forward into the time of light. Spring is a natural time to eat less and eat more lighter foods. It's a traditional time to do fasting as well. If you ever thought about doing an elimination diet now is a good time. More wild foods are becoming available, I picked nettles about a week ago and made nettle pesto. It was my first time picking my own nettles and I was lucky to find a great spot. Though nettles are every where so it's not too hard in this climate to find them. If you are interested in picking your own pick young nettles, just pick the top leafs so the rest of the plant can continue to grow. Also wear gloves! Nettles, as you probably know, sting. If nettles seem a bit too daunting of a thing to collect try picking some dandelion greens. They are also abundant and a great spring food for acclimating yourself to the new weather. Wild food is the best food you could possibly find.

"The ancient Chinese believed that seasons have a profound cyclical effect on human growth and well-being- that we are influenced by climatic changes and should live in harmony with them. " - Healing with Whole Foods.

Healing with Whole Foods has a section on Spring, and each season. I wanted to talk a bit about what Paul Pitchford says about Spring.  Below is a paraphrase of his section on Spring.

Chinese medicine associates Spring with Wood. Spring is a time of cleansing, the body reacts to the fast bright green food growing around which helps bring on cleansing in the body. The body cleans itself not only of excessive food but of emotions as well this time of year. Spring is the time to pay attend to your liver and gall bladder. Salty foods are heavy and weigh the body down for winter, in the Spring eat less salt and eat leafy greens and spouts- foods that are uplifting towards this time of light. Pungent herbs, basil, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, caraway, Dill, and bay leaf, are all good at this time of year. Grains and starchy vegetables are also sweet and help with the ascending nature of spring. Raw foods can also be emphasized in a spring and summer diet. Though I personally do not advocate an all raw food diet, raw foods have value and are good this time of year. Eat more raw food as it gets hotter as it is cooling to the body.

Light soups and salads and great nourishment in the spring. Enjoy this time of year, it is gorgeous outside!

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