Friday, March 11, 2011

Heart shapped mini cake gluten free

This recipe is a combination of the Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen and Martha Stewart. It's a bit old now, as I made these for valentines, but still worth sharing!

This valentines treat was also to be a birthday cake so I wanted to do something a bit different. I wasn't finding what I wanted, as I needed to have something gluten free and dairy free, and the birthday goer did not. I was looking at Martha Stewart's website for ideas. She has such pretty food pictures it can be inspiring. Though I don't use her recipes much...

The cut out heart cakes came from Martha Stewart, which also suggested stacking them in twos with frosting in the middle.

Did I mention the frosting I used has no powdered sugar?! Or food coloring for that matter?

BTW, this cake, despite being "free" of so many things (no eggs, milk, refined sugar, no gluten) , it still tastes great. It is a very good cake for cutting into hearts because it is firm. I was worried about my cake falling apart when using a cookie cutter to make it into hearts but this recipe is great for cutting into shapes because it holds up so well! You could get rather creative if you wanted to. Stars could be fun.

The cake recipe comes from this site , which is my favorite recipe site.

So after going to the above site and making the
cake follow the directions below:

Okay, so now the fun part!  Wait until your cake cools completely, then take a heart shaped cookie cutter, I'm not exactly sure how big mine is but maybe three inches? And cut as many hearts as you can out of it. What you do with the left over cake pieces is up to you :)

The frosting recipe also comes from Ali over at the Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, with some small changes that I made. The trick is to use raw beet juice to make the frosting pink. Ali suggests using a garlic press but that did not work at all for me, so I grated some beet, which lets out ALOT of juice easily, and squeezed the grated beet into my frosting. Don't worry your frosting will not taste like beets! A small amount of juice turns the frosting pink quick.

2 cups organic coconut oil  (make sure it is room temp!)
1 cup arrowroot powder
1 cup maple syrup
4 teaspoons non-alcoholic

2 to 4 teaspoons beet juice
Beat all ingredients with an electric mixer, or a electric hand mixer, which is what I used. This frosting tastes excellent Btw! I was very happy with how it turned out as I have been looking for a good alternative to powered sugar.

Now frost your cute heart cake and enjoy.

Here is a picture of me and Leo at the Birthday Party where we enjoyed this cake. This is in Drayton Harbor, WA. We went out of town for valentines weekend and it was great to get some quiet time.

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